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Break Through

...To Life After Graduation

Susquehanna’s second annual Break Through … to Life After Graduation was a huge success, topping last year’s student numbers by almost twofold. And we have more than 200 alumni to thank for presenting dynamic and informative programs that attracted about 500 students to the weeklong series of events, Feb. 3–8.

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This innovative, weeklong series of events connects current Susquehannans with university alumni who want to help students as they move toward graduation and beyond.

Who should attend?

Students of all majors and class years.

What do participants find?

Alumni who give advice and answer questions on things students can do now to prepare personally and professionally for life after graduation. Choose different ways to connect:

  • Skype sessions
  • Small-group lunches
  • Panel discussions
  • Speed networking
  • Receptions

What topics are covered?

  • Major-related career advice
  • Nonprofit work
  • Graduate school
  • Networking
  • Workplace soft skills
  • Résumé writing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Scientific research
  • ...and more!

Why should students attend?

To take advantage of these free networking opportunities to learn from Susquehanna graduates who care about student success. And who knows? An internship or job offer might even result!

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Break Through Can Make a Difference!

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