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Don-Paul Kahl '11

Don-Paul Kahl ‘11 | Music Performance

Saxophonist Don-Paul Kahl, a 2011 Susquehanna University music performance graduate, has always had a passionate drive to live, study and work as an artist in Paris, France.

So being awarded the Harriet Hale Wooley Scholarship, a prestigious private grant awarded annually to up to four American artists and musicians to study in France, was a dream come true.

He received at 10,000€ stipend to spend the 2013-14 academic year in Paris, pursuing rigorous study in modern music with Jean-Michel Goury.

Kahl visited Paris as a Susquehanna University freshman through a cultural exchange program where he first had the opportunity to work with the celebrated saxophonist-pedagogue Jean-Michel Goury.

“He is an incredible teacher and a master performer of modern music,” says Kahl. “I knew, at that moment, that I had to come back and study with this incredible musician.”

He will study at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Boulogne-Billancourt and take lessons with Goury, honing his skills in the interpretation of modern works for saxophone. He aims to compete in the 4th Jean-Marie Londeix Competition, designed for artists to compete with the most modern of saxophone works, taking place August 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand.

“I know there is incredible value in the education I received from Susquehanna University,” says Kahl. “I would not trade it for the world! Not only did I receive conservatory level training as a musician and artist, but I focused on many other areas that have molded me into a well-rounded individual who can see the world with many eyes, so to speak.”

“I know so many individuals who come from the most prestigious conservatories or the top schools in the nation and leave without a shred of understanding outside of their chosen fields of study,” he adds. “Without my pursuit of study in the French language at SU, I would be so lost living in Paris now. Without the various courses in history, literature, and philosophy, I would struggle to see the world in a diversified light.”

“I will complete my studies here in France and then look into several different programs to complete my terminal doctoral degree in music,” says Kahl, who earned a Master of Music degree in Saxophone Performance at the University of Florida. “After that, I plan on pursuing a job in higher education, teaching music and art through my instrument and voice, the saxophone.”

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