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Randy Robertson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor | English

Being able to teach students in small classes and work with them one-on-one is very appealing to me. It’s what drew me to Susquehanna University in the first place.

The first-year Writing and Thinking class is a great example. It lays the foundation for a student’s entire college experience by helping students to think critically and hone their writing skills. But most importantly, it lets them build relationships with their professors.

Small classes give students and faculty the opportunity to interact in meaningful ways. Our small classes really are labs for ideas. The discussions often yield insights that no one, including me, had before class began. I’m delighted when I come away from a class teaching – and learning – something that I didn’t expect!

Susquehanna combines all the virtues of a small liberal arts college with the resources normally found at big universities. Because of that, students have many opportunities that they would typically never get until they attend graduate school.

For instance, Susquehanna University has a Publishing and Editing minor. I teach the program’s introductory course, which gives students an overview of trends in the publishing industry.

Susquehanna’s English majors present at national and international conferences. Some even collaborate with faculty to publish their work in academic journals.

It was extremely rewarding for me to mentor a student who had a similar research interest as my own. After reading an essay he wrote for one of my literature classes, I helped him get a summer fellowship. During that time, we collaborated on a piece that was eventually published in the Huntington Library Quarterly, a distinguished scholarly publication that features articles on British and American literature, history, and art of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

His drive and talent are remarkable, and I was able to give him insight into the drafting and publication process. After two years in the workforce, that student is applying to graduate school, and I continue to mentor and guide him.

My students feel like my kids. Even after they graduate, I stay in touch with them, and that is something I relish!

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