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Susquehanna University Strategic Plan

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Message from the President

June 2010

At its meeting on May 17, 2010, the Board of Trustees endorsed Susquehanna’s strategic plan, titled Susquehanna University: Toward a Sustainable Future. This action represented the culmination of more than 18 months of work by the entire Susquehanna community to articulate our institutional priorities for the next three years.

The planning process began with the convening of a campus Planning Advisory Group (PAG) in July 2008; membership of the PAG appears on the cover page of the strategic plan. The PAG guided the planning process, which included taking stock of our institutional position at the conclusion of the 2003 strategic plan and contemplating our shared future. The PAG began its work in the midst of a severe global recession that is far from over and one of the results was a decision to focus this round of planning on a shorter three-year period. I am grateful to the members of the PAG for their sustained participation in this important work throughout the duration of the planning process.

The 2008 opening workshop gave the campus community the opportunity to come together and assess our considerable progress in achieving the goals outlined in the very ambitious 2003 plan. As I have said in many settings, that plan has continued to animate the campus in ways that are quite distinctive among college and university planning efforts.

The result of the opening workshop and similar opportunities were immensely helpful in affirming the value of carrying forward priorities from the 2003 plan as well as articulating three important new priorities for the next plan.

Our next step is to implement the plan, a step that will involve the whole of our community with leadership from Provost Carl Moses, Executive Vice President for Administration and Planning Sara Kirkland, and Vice President for Finance Mike Coyne. They will work with those responsible for the various initiatives to further refine action steps, timelines and budget models.

Thank you for all that you have done to make this plan possible and for all that you will do to help us realize its goals of enhancing student learning and making Susquehanna a national exemplar of undergraduate education.

L. Jay Lemons
Susquehanna University President

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