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Mission & Guiding Values

Susquehanna University: A Plan for Greater Intellectual Engagement and a Stronger University Community


Susquehanna University educates undergraduate students for productive, creative, and reflective lives of achievement, leadership, and service in a diverse and interconnected world.

Guiding Values

Susquehanna University is

  • A selective, residential, national liberal arts college focused on an undergraduate education integrating the liberal arts and preparation for professions and careers.
  • A learning community that values diversity; intellectual collaboration among faculty and students; scholarship and research; health in mind, body and spirit; and learning in and out of the classroom.
  • A working community that recognizes its faculty and staff as its greatest resource, values cooperation, and expects ethical behavior and mutual respect from all its members.
  • A responsible community committed to financial stability, good stewardship, and a pragmatic and ambitious approach to its work.
  • A valuable resource serving the local community and region, while engaging in the larger world through strong urban and international connections.
  • A physically attractive setting for reflection and learning.
  • A community that expresses its Lutheran heritage through the free and open exploration of ideas, commitment to service, development of individual talents, and the welcoming of individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs.


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