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Past Themes 2006-07

On The Fringes

Submitted by Assistant Professor of Music David Steinau, this theme encourages the examination of theories, beliefs, practices, and cultural and artistic developments that have been or are now on the fringes.

"On the Fringes" attempts to explain why certain theories, beliefs, practices and developments, and those who create or espouse them, remain outside the mainstream while others find their way into the standard canons.

It examines the groups within society that have, or have not, migrated from being on the fringes to being more politically and socially significant and how they have done so or been unable to do so.

The theme further explores the elements that produce a mainstream perception of what is avant-garde, revolutionary, preposterous, extremist, unreasonable, conventional, conformist, ordinary or obsolete, and the forces that cause those identifications to change.

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