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Recycling Program

Susquehanna’s recycling program has grown significantly since 2005. What started as a student service project is now a campus employment program with a staff of more than 30. University Assistantship student and earth and environmental sciences major Melissa Hartley ’11 directs the program, assisted by faculty recycling coordinator Katherine Straub, Ph.D., associate professor of earth and geological sciences.

Recycling bins are located in every campus building, and are emptied and sorted by student workers. Recycled materials include plastic, glass, aluminum cans, mixed paper (including paperboard), newspaper, batteries, cell phones and inkjet cartridges. In addition, electronics are collected and brought to the HandUp recycling facility in Milton.

Susquehanna has a cooperative recycling agreement with the Borough of Selinsgrove. The university deposits its recyclable plastic and glass into the borough’s recycling containers on Sassafras St., and in exchange, Susquehanna student recycling workers staff the borough’s twice-monthly Saturday community recycling drop-off event.

The following are guidelines for what can and cannot be recycled:

 Item  What to Recycle  What not to Recycle

#1 (clear) and #2 (opaque) plastic bottles
Please remove caps and empty liquid

Plastics #3 - #7
Styrofoam, plastic bags, or any plastic not in a bottle shape
Glass Clear, green, or brown glass
Please remove caps and empty liquid
Drinking glasses, light bulbs or anything not in a bottle shape
Aluminum All aluminum cans
Please empty liquid
Steel or tin cans can be recycled in the box above the recycling bins in the hallway to the right of the dining hall
Newspaper Newspapers
Glossy inserts from newspapers
Any other kind of paper (please put this in the paper bin instead)
Paper Office and notebook paper
Magazines, catalogs
Books, phone books  
Construction paper
Plain envelopes
Envelopes with a plastic window
Napkins or paper towels
Paperboard (cereal boxes)
Cardboard Corrugated Cardboard only
Please set next to a trash can
Paperboard (cardboard like cereal boxes, etc. are made of)
Batteries Recycle batteries in the Campus Center, in the box above the recycling bins in the hallway to the right of the dining hall  
Ink Cartridges &
Cell Phones
Ink cartridges and cell phones can be recycled in the collection boxes located on the first floor of every building.  
Plastic Bags Plastic bags can be placed in the collection container in Degenstein Campus Center outside of Benny's Bistro.  

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