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Criteria for Service

  • Science teachers must be with a secondary school within a 60-mile radius of Susquehanna University. The term “secondary” includes grades seven through 12.
  • Teachers are able to use these biology, chemistry, physics or physical science experiments.
  • Teachers are able to use this equipment.
  • Teachers must individually submit an accurate and complete reservation form at least two weeks before a requested SIM visit or equipment drop. The teacher  must specify the experiment they wish to perform from the list of available labs.
  •  A visit or equipment drop is only entered into SIMventory once the reservation form is received. If SIM has not received the reservation form by one week before the requested visit or equipment drop, the visit or drop will be cancelled.
  • Teachers must specify the dates when they will use the equipment during a drop to maximize distribution of equipment.
  • To borrow equipment from SIM, a teacher must have attended a SIM training workshop in the past three years. Teachers can borrow equipment for a maximum of two weeks.
  • SIM mobile educators are certified secondary science teachers and are to be treated as colleagues by teachers and as teachers by students.
  • If a teacher has a problem with any equipment during a drop, the teacher will contact SIM immediately (570-372-4779 administrative assistant or 372-4780 Mobile Educator), explain the problem and give SIM the opportunity to remedy the situation.
  • All borrowed equipment will be returned in the same condition as when it was loaned out.  If any equipment is damaged or broken during a loan, the teacher will contact SIM prior to return of the equipment and explain the situation.
  • All borrowed equipment will be repackaged for return in the same containers in which it arrived.
  • After each SIM visit, teachers will complete the SIM Mobile Lab Evaluation form.

 * SIM reserves the right to not offer service to any teacher or school not meeting these criteria.

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