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Reservation Instructions

Submit a reservation form at least two weeks before the date of the visit/loan.

Include your name, school, school phone & e-mail.

Specify the experiment or equipment needed. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC!

Provide information about the Visit/Drop:

  • Date(s): mm/dd/yyyy (Is the lab performed in one or several days?) 
  • Arrival time: Mobile Educators need 45-60 minutes to set up a lab
  • Subject: please choose only one: Biology, Chemistry or Physics
  • Course Title: Are you reserving a biology lab for a biochemistry class?
  • Grade Levels: # of students in each grade (for reporting to the state)
  • Class Periods: which periods are performing the lab? (refilling time between classes)
  • # Groups/class period: how many stations do we need to bring equipment for? Please enter six (6) or less groups.
  • # Students: for reporting to the state
  • # Handouts: how many do you need? One per student or one per group?

Click “Submit.”

If you need to change or cancel your visit, contact the Mobile Educator ASAP at 570-372-4780. Dates fill up fast and rescheduling becomes more difficult the longer you wait. Please be courteous and let the ME know if you wish to cancel a visit or equipment drop. Another teacher may want the date if you don't.

Why We Need Specific Information

  • We need at least 45 minutes to set up a lab; we need to know what time we can get in the building and get started.
  • We need to know exactly what equipment to bring, especially if it is a loan.
  • We need to know how many periods and how many students so we bring along enough supplies.
  • We need to know how many students are in each grade level for our data we send to the state.

Keep in Mind…

  • Until we have a PROPERLY COMPLETED FORM, your date is NOT reserved. If you do not want to lose your date, get the form in quickly!
  • The earlier, the better. Schedules fill up fast, if you have something specific in mind; get your reservation in as soon as possible.
  • If a mobile educator is not available on a date you would like, keep in mind that you can use the equipment as a loan as well!
  • You can borrow equipment for a maximum of two weeks. 

Reservation  Form 

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