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Sample Letter

October 15, 2009

Representative/Senator XXXXXXXXXX

Dear Representative/Senator XXXXXXX;

Thank you for your past support of the Science in Motion program. I am writing to urge your continuing and increased support for the Susquehanna University Science in Motion program in Pennsylvania, funded by the legislature under the Pennsylvania Basic Ed/Higher Ed Science and Technology Partnerships. I understand that this program is once again not in the governor’s budget and needs your support in order for it to be restored in the 2009-2010 budget.

As a teacher in the XXXXX School District, I rely on the equipment, materials and classroom support provided by this program to make my [type of science] classroom a truly engaging and advanced science learning environment for my students. I also rely on the professional development provided by the program to keep current on new laboratory procedures.

Over the past several years, the services provided by Science in Motion have been wonderful; however, we have been hurt by the continuing loss of summer workshop opportunities and restrictions on other resources due to funding limitations. It is my understanding that funding for the program was actually cut by 20% in 2001-2002 and that cut has never been restored. Further, the program has received no increase to address inflationary costs since state funding began in 1997.

Science in Motion makes an important difference in the quality of science education that my students receive, and I urge you to continue and increase your support for this valuable program. We need these up-to-date teaching resources and professional development opportunities to keep our students competitive in the workforce and in higher education after graduation.


Title, xxxxx School District

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