Spring 2009 - Vol 77 - No 2

Going Global graphic -- World in hand

Going Global

Building Blocks of a 21st Century Education

Pittsburgh native Kathryn “Katie” Cwenar ’09 spent four months studying in Africa last spring, including a three-week stint on a mountain in the Equatorial Guinea village of Moka conducting research on galagos, the smallest primates in the world.

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Danielle Keener '03 MacGuire

From the Brink

Danielle Keener MacGuire takes back the night

The home in Malvern, on Philadelphia’s Main Line, is a modest two-story affair on a quiet street, nestled amid a cluster of rental units surrounded by trees and plantings. Inside one of the units, Danielle Keener ’03 MacGuire and her husband, Kevin,

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Image of Berkeley Chapman

Growing Up Multiracial

A Historic Inauguration Becomes an Occasion for Personal Reflection

It was 2:30 a.m. on Jan. 20 when Berkeley Chapman ’11 arrived at the National Mall to await the swearing-in ceremony of President Barack Obama.

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