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Dave Henry

Dave Henry portrait

From new construction projects to daily maintenance of the buildings and grounds, Dave Henry, director of facilities management, reflects on the enormous job before him and his team.

SC: As head of facilities management, how involved are you in the day-to-day operations of construction projects?

DH: I am directly (or indirectly, via my assistant director for construction) involved with all aspects of a construction project. We have a construction schedule that defines the work and its various phases, mapping out the project from its start to its completion. There is open communication between myself and the construction management team.

SC: How has the campuswide construction—West Village and the new science building—affected the daily routines of the facilities management staff, and how will it affect their duties once the construction is completed?

DH: For the most part, the actual construction period has little impact on the facilities management staff. The burden of maintaining these new buildings begins when construction ends. For me specifically, I can foresee an increased need to focus on energy management issues.

SC: How complex is it to design and construct the LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) science building?

DH: The complexity of the infrastructure and systems that are in the new science building require close attention and coordination, from design through completion. With this being Susquehanna’s first attempt at a LEED-certified academic building, we are learning about that process each day. This project should be brought to a smooth and timely completion thanks to the combined efforts of quality designers, construction managers and my staff.

SC: What do you think of Susquehanna’s move toward the use of sustainable energy resources?

DH: I believe this is the right thing to do. We have been working on some of the significant issues, such as new fuel sources at our central power plant. As part of the LEED requirements, we’ve also started a “Green Cleaning” program. We are using Green Seal–certified cleaning products and procedures in West Village, and we will expand their use throughout the rest of the campus as our old supplies are depleted. While these are all important steps in the right direction, I am especially appreciative of our students’ active involvement in recycling and preserving our resources.


Contributing writers to The ‘Grove are Sondra Zanetto ’09, Stephanie Beazley ‘10 and Victoria Kidd.

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