From the Brink

Danielle Keener MacGuire takes back the night

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Danielle Keener '03 MacGuire

By Gerald S. Cohen

THE HOME IN MALVERN, on Philadelphia’s Main Line, is a modest two-story affair on a quiet street, nestled amid a cluster of rental units surrounded by trees and plantings. Inside one of the units, Danielle Keener ’03 MacGuire and her husband, Kevin, are feeding 1-year-old Aydia.

Aydia is a mess. Peas and corn are scattered around the table and pasted to her bib. A few morsels make it to the intended destination, but for the most part she appears to be winning the battle of the evening feeding ritual. She is very pleased with herself, smiling and laughing as her parents try to coax more food into her.

Danielle, a 27-year-old therapist who works at a local hospital with addicted and mentally ill individuals, looks up and says she will be just a moment. She turns to Kevin, a 29-year-old information technology professional, and asks him to prepare Aydia for bedtime. Kevin, her husband of three years, gently lifts the baby and carries her upstairs for the next stage of the ritual.

The scene is one of domestic tranquility, a young family beginning a lifelong journey together. “I like it here,” Danielle says, settling into a living room chair. “I feel safe in this town. That’s obviously important to me.”

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