Statement on Diversity & Inclusion

Vice President for Student Success & Engagement, Assistant Provost

Photo of Lisa ScottMy name is Lisa Scott and I am the Special Assistant to the President, Chief Diversity Officer and Assistant Provost for Student Success and Engagement.  Diversity today has moved from a previous focus on numbers (though critical mass is still important) and programs to the idea of Institutional Capacity. 

In an article titled, “Reframing Diversity as an Institutional Capacity,” Professor Daryl Smith of Claremont University writes,

"Now the fundamental question is, are our institutions building the capacity to support their missions in a diverse society, and how? Building capacity for diversity means setting diversity at the center of the institutions mission. It means broadening the discussion beyond admissions or undergraduates and varying it according to the institution’s mission, location, and context." (Read the full article.)

Indeed, it will be important for all of us to be thoughtful and intentional to introduce diversity initiatives that can be sustained at the institutional level. It is through these efforts that we achieve institutional transformation and educational benefits of a diverse campus.

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