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Fred Grosse, Professor of Physics

The 2009–10 academic year marks Fred Grosse’s 50th year at Susquehanna as a professor of physics. He joined the faculty in 1960, when physics professors were in high demand because of the Soviet Union’s launch of the Sputnik satellite in 1957.

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“End of Life” Course Earns Top NASPA Honors

When the Rev. Mark Wm. Radecke started teaching Issues at the End of Life, a course he helped conceive as the university's chaplain, he knew it could have a powerful effect on the students who were exploring some of life’s most profound questions.

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Students in Katherine Straub’s Tropical Meteorology class use complex computer modeling to explore hurricanes and other weather phenomena.

Forward Thinking

The Classroom as a Forecast Center

Since January, earth and environmental sciences students have been using large data sets and specialized computer programs to make tropical prediction models under the tutelage of Katherine Straub, associate professor of earth and environmental sciences.

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The story “From the Brink: Danielle Keener MacGuire Takes Back the Night,” written by Gerald Cohen, won a CASE District II gold.


SU Communications Projects Earn Honor Among Industry’s Best

Susquehanna’s Office of University Communications has won eight awards this year for excellence in institutional communications, including four top honors.

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