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Harnessing Renewable Energy

SU Alumni on the Cutting Edge

A Texas oil-and-gas man partners with his brother to concoct a wind energy concept so unique that it likely will not only decrease the demand for oil and gas, but also make traditional, large wind turbine propellers obsolete.

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Debating the availability of electronic medical records

How Safe Are Your Medical Records?

It was a research project with a dramatic conclusion. In the winter of 2007, assisted by two Susquehanna University students, we decided to test our theory that a determined individual could walk into a hospital and steal medical information.

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This Thing Called Writing

Without a hint of arrogance, and with quiet conviction, Gary Fincke, director of Susquehanna’s creative writing program, recently told a visitor, “I truly believe that we have one of the finest undergraduate creative writing programs in the country.”

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