Biology Professor Named Watershed Man of the Year

Jack Holt conducting research in the Lower Penns Creek Watershed.

Professor of Biology Jack Holt and his research partner, Mike Bilger, were recently named “Watershed Men of the Year” by the Snyder County Conservation District.

Holt and Bilger have been working with the Lower Penns Creek Watershed Association to assess current conditions in the watershed, sampling 12 sites along 40 miles of lower Penns Creek over several years. They’ve also trained other volunteers to be able to monitor the water quality and have provided technical assistance to the association.

The Lower Penns Creek Watershed Association is a nonprofit, volunteer organization committed to protecting and improving the watershed through the wise stewardship of land and aquatic resources. The group received a Growing Greener grant from the state Department of Environmental Protection to help fund the assessment, and has applied for a grant from the Foundation of Pennsylvania Watersheds to continue funding for the three-year study.


The contributing writer for People & Places is Julie Buckingham '09.

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