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Sustained Dialogue Campus Network

Sustained Dialogue (SD) is a tool that helps students make time to understand the different perspectives of individuals they otherwise would not meet. Engaging in such important conversations not only enables them to interact comfortably with all kinds of people, but also helps build relationships across community divides. SD equips students with communication skills necessary for increasingly diverse academic, social and work environments.

Susquehanna’s volunteer student-leaders moderate biweekly confidential dialogues with the end goal of eventually sharing resulting recommendations—for specific action or further exploration—with appropriate campus administrators.

Susquehanna is currently one of more than a dozen schools participating in the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network. Other participants include Princeton University, Cornell College and Dickinson College.

The Sustained Dialogue Campus Network is an initiative of the International Institute for Sustained Dialogue, an organization founded in 2002 to promote the process of Sustained Dialogue for transforming racial, ethnic and other deep-rooted conflicts in the United States and abroad. SDCN's mission is to train, mentor and connect student leaders who initiate and sustain dialogues to build cohesive, engaged and diverse campus communities across the country.

 Student participants of Sustained Dialogue

“The charge for the students in this group is to acquire a skill set of listening, being thoughtful, inviting differences of opinion. They become a resource for mediation, ‘go-to’ people when there are tense times. They have a maturity about issues and the ability to not rush to decisions about goodness. Having young people with that skill set is an asset to any community.”

- Lisa Scott, Vice President for Student Engagement and Success

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