Fall 2010 - Vol 78 - No 2

Eco Logic

Eco Logic

Creating a Habitat Where Science Thrives

"When we started thinking about shaping this building, I looked at it the same way a biologist would look at an ecosystem. In the same way that a lot of things create an ecosystem and put it in proper balance..."

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Weissberger (front row, center) sang the victory song with the cast of Brundibár during Susquehanna’s performances of the children’s opera.

Opera Terezín

A Survivor's Story of Hope Amid Horror

Ela Stein Weissberger was a week shy of her 14th birthday on June 23, 1944, when she took the stage of a newly constructed community hall at Theresienstadt, a Nazi concentration camp in the foothills of Czechoslovakia.

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Seth Mosebey '03 addresses the American Government class he taught last fall while Associate Professor of Political Science Michele DeMary was on sabbatical leave.

The Ties That Bind

Embracing Susquehanna for a Lifetime

Regardless of what you paid for your college tuition, the sticker price for a student who graduated in 2010 was about $120,000 over a four-year period, excluding room and board. While most students receive some form of financial aid...

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