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José Sanchez | Assistant Director of Residence Life for Community Development

José Sanchez, Assistant Director of Residence Life for Community Development

José Sanchez, who joined the Susquehanna community last July, plays a pivotal role in supervising student residence staff, the Faculty in Residence program, and the Growing Relations and Opportunities With Theme Housing (GROWTH) program. In addition, Sanchez addresses community and student concerns that arise in mediation meetings. He is also involved with community development efforts within residence halls. Sanchez recently shared his perspective on the job with Susquehanna Currents.

SC: What do you find unique about the Susquehanna community?
JS: I would describe Susquehanna University as a close-knit community—welcoming, friendly, supportive—that prides itself in developing a sense of family with all its members.

SC: In what ways would you like to see the Susquehanna community grow?
JS: I feel that our institution has the potential to attract more students from different backgrounds, states, and even increase the number of countries represented on our campus through our international student population.

SC: How do you see Susquehanna’s community working hand in- hand with the larger community?
JS: I believe our students are our greatest assets and best representatives of what Susquehanna can do. By working hand in hand with faculty and staff, they can make a difference through their service and civic engagement on campus and in the community at large.

SC: What tips do you have for students who want to take full advantage of living on campus?
JS: Make the most of your experience living in our residence halls by taking the time to get to know your roommates, residents on your floor, your resident assistant and your head resident. Our student staff is a great support system and resource to all our residential students. Don’t be afraid to bring your concerns or ideas to them; they are there for you and strive to put together educational and social programs for you in the residence halls. Support their efforts, get to know them and attend their programs.

SC: What does it mean to build community at a liberal arts college like Susquehanna?
JS: It means taking a collaborative and proactive approach. The element I find essential to our success is developing partnerships between faculty, staff and our students. Communication and inclusion are also important, especially in decisions that involve our community as a whole. There is also the need to develop a school identity, build school spirit and unity, and come together in support of each other.

Contributing writers to The ‘Grove section are Audrey Carroll ‘12 and Megan McDermott ‘14.


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