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Economic Impact

Over the past decade, Susquehanna University has seen substantial growth. This has had a robust and far-reaching influence on the region as measured by economic impact, which is now estimated at over $116 million.

See below for some fast facts on Susquehanna's impact on the community or read the full report.

2009–10 by the Numbers

599  Faculty and staff employed by the university, up over 40% from a decade ago 
$53,000  Average salary, compared to the Snyder County median household income of $46,000
$65 million  Susquehanna’s budget, 39% of which is for salaries and wages 
$545,000  Real estate and local income taxes contributed by employees  
>$23 million  3-year average of expenditures on campus construction projects  
$7.9 million Spent by Susquehanna students in the five-county area
>$20 million Spent by Susquehanna for food services and miscellaneous items
>28,000 Visitors to Susquehanna during the 2009–10 academic year
$2.75 million Spent in the five-county area by those visitors to Susquehanna in 2009–10
$50,000 “Good will” payment made by the university to the borough of Selinsgrove
$8,000 Voluntary contribution made to the Selinsgrove fire department
28,000 Volunteer hours contributed by students
$450,000 Value of student volunteer hours contributed

*When a multiplier is applied to specific spending components, the overall effect on the economy is significant. Please refer to Table 1 in the Economic Impact Report for an overview.

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