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Kyle Robertson ’11 and Sarah Myers ’12 | Student Representatives to the Board of Trustees

Kyle Robertson and Sarah Myers

Susquehanna University trustees are successful in a variety of fields, including finance, religion and academia. Joining these accomplished individuals are student representatives to the Board of Trustees who help shape university life. Kyle Robertson ’11 filled this position for two years prior to graduating in May with a Bachelor of Arts in music and a Bachelor of Science in business administration. Sarah Myers ’12, majoring in history- secondary education, continues to represent her fellow students on the board.

SC: How has being a student representative to the Board of Trustees aided in your development as a leader and student?
KR: It helped me in developing an unbiased leadership style where I am able to offer my thoughts with those of the student body. As a business student, it has provided me an invaluable learning extension as I have furthered my understanding of finance, corporate governance, marketing strategy and legal issues.
SM: Making change happen on this campus excites me. Being a student representative has made me more outgoing, as I have a strong desire to communicate and interact with others to share my thoughts and gain others’ perspectives.

SC: What have you learned through interactions with board members?
KR: Listening to the board talk of past chairpersons, university presidents or dedicated board members, I started to make connections with the names of so many buildings on campus. I feel much more connected to the university from all of the history I have learned, and I make it a point to tell my friends about who buildings are named for ... whether they want to hear it or not!
SM: I have seen Susquehanna’s mission of achievement, leadership and service fulfilled by each board member. Their dedication to the health and well-being of the university is unwavering. I have learned how I can help Susquehanna become the best it can be. Being at Susquehanna isn’t a four-year experience; Susquehanna will be with me for a lifetime.

SC: What accomplishment or decision of the board has made you proudest?
KR: A primary focus of the board for the 2010–11 academic year has been alumni engagement, and I have been proud to represent students in discussions surrounding this issue. There will hopefully be new outlets for alumni to become more en- gaged with SU through giving of their time, knowledge, talent and finances.
SM: I am particularly excited about the initiative to enhance alumni engagement. With graduation only a year away, I am proud to be a Susquehannan and will carry that pride into the future. I hope to help current students feel that Susquehanna will be there to support and encourage them long after graduation.

SC: Why is it important for students to have a voice on the Board of Trustees, and more generally, in the administration of their university?
KR: This is best answered by the board’s mantra: “It’s all about the students.” It is important that the board knows how students would react to certain decisions, what students are talking about on campus, and any pressing issues from the student perspective. The board and university value “shared governance,” which means it is important for students to have a voice in how the university is being run and the direction it is moving.
SM: The trustees can be together on campus only a few times a year, so it is very special that there are two student representatives serving as a bridge between the students and trustees. Every issue has multiple perspectives, and it is an honor to share the student viewpoint with the board on significant university matters.

Contributing writers to The ‘Grove section are Charlotte Lotz ‘12, Megan McDermott ‘14 and Karen M. Jones, assistant director of media relations.

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