Alumni Connections Lead to Unexpected Career Turns

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Colleen Sullivan '85 TrevisanStep back to 2000, when in the course of a week, Wyar-Romito’s life took a drastic turn. The Johnstown, Pa., native was getting ready to graduate from Susquehanna with a degree in psychology. Her near-term plans were set. She had been accepted into a graduate program at George Washington University, where she intended to advance her study of psychology. But a fateful visit to the Career Development Center one day brought those plans to a screeching halt.

An ad for an assistant beauty and fashion editor at health magazine caught her attention. “Even though I didn’t study journalism at Susquehanna, something in my gut told me to throw my résumé in the ring,” Wyar-Romito says.

A week or so later, Wyar-Romito received a call from Trevisan, which was followed by two trips to New York City for interviews. When they met, the women clicked immediately. “She was this super- eager, weeks-away-from graduating, doe-eyed girl from Pennsylvania, and I knew she had the drive and the smarts to come up the learning curve quickly,” Trevisan says. “I also loved that her dad was waiting for her in my lobby.”

From there, life was a whirlwind. On May 13, 2000, Wyar-Romito turned 22.

The following day, she graduated from Susquehanna. She moved to New York City on May 16 and walked into the office of health magazine for her first day of work on May 17.

“My life completely changed all because Colleen took a chance on a totally inexperienced 22-year-old who happened to have the work ethic, drive and well-roundedness of a Susquehanna-bred graduate,” Wyar-Romito says.

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