Alumni Connections Lead to Unexpected Career Turns

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 “From the day I started, I was determined to be the best intern they had ever seen.” – Kellie Nebiker ‘12When Nebiker was a first-year student, a professor asked what her dream job was. She told him she’d thought about working in magazines, but as she dove into her business studies at Susquehanna, she quickly forgot about that career path and began focusing on learning all she could about marketing, ultimately finishing her course requirements a semester early. But little did she know that a serendipitous invitation three years later would turn the direction of her life on its heels.

In November 2011, Nebiker attended a presentation hosted by the Department of Communications. The guest speaker was Wyar-Romito. As she listened to her speak, Nebiker’s long-forgotten urges to work in the magazine industry resurfaced. She just had to introduce herself to this woman.

And introduce herself she did. Although several students talked to her after the presentation, Wyar Romito says Nebiker made the strongest impression. “Her hair, makeup and outfit looked super professional. She introduced herself with incredible confidence, looking me in the eye, smiling and firmly shaking my hand—all those things Susquehanna professors tell you make a difference,” Wyar-Romito says. “And then she whipped out an SU business card! I nearly died. I thought this was the coolest thing I ever saw: This girl, a senior in college, already had a business card. I took her résumé and wrote on it ‘excellent future hire.’”

Weeks later, one of Wyar-Romito’s spring interns fell through. That résumé and Susquehanna business card, filed away in her desk, came to mind, and she called Nebiker about the opportunity. “I told her I had an opportunity and, as fearless as a Cosmo girl, she accepted,” Wyar-Romito says.

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