Alumni Connections Lead to Unexpected Career Turns

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“From the day I started, I was determined to be the best intern they had ever seen,” Nebiker says. “I networked whenever I got the chance. I gave out as many business cards as I could and talked with Cosmo employees on every level, from the mail carrier to the publisher of the magazine.”

People took notice to her go-getter attitude. “Kellie didn’t disappoint,” Wyar-Romito says. “She was absolutely one of the best interns I’ve ever had. She didn’t just do her job, she went above and beyond with that killer work ethic SU instills. She wouldn’t do something the way it’s always been done. She’d find a new, better, more efficient way to do it. And while doing a crackerjack job for me, she was always looking for ways to connect and network for a future job.”

One of Cosmo’s ad salespeople was equally impressed with Nebiker after meeting her during a weekly “Cosmo U” session (meetings various Cosmo employees have with interns to explain their roles and answer interns’ questions). She asked for Nebiker’s résumé and told her to apply for the open advertising and sales assistant position at O, The Oprah magazine. Nebiker applied online the next morning, and within an hour, she received a phone call from O. Three interviews followed that day, and she was asked to come to the magazine’s office for two more interviews the following week. She was offered the position the day after her in-person interviews.

Nebiker began her new job at the beginning of April, nearly six weeks before graduation and a world away from the small from town of Lewisburg, Pa., where she grew up. Once resigned to a much different career path, Nebiker has found the perfect match between her dream job and her course of study at Susquehanna as she works along- side O’s Executive Beauty Director Patricia Foster selling advertising to some of the magazine’s most exclusive clientele.

As for Trevisan, who began this chain reaction of success, television is the next frontier. She now works as an editor for HGTV, and since June, she has been working as executive producer on a show with her former Vogue colleague and friend, Stacy London, host of TLC’s What Not to Wear. The show, which Trevisan and London were busy pitching to the networks this summer, will examine the zany world of college admissions.

A Liberal Arts Education

The success of Colleen Sullivan, Leah Wyar-Romito and Kellie Nebiker showcases the benefits of a liberal arts education: the ability to think critically, express oneself clearly and apply knowledge to practical situations. As Susquehanna students, they were encouraged to step outside their comfort zones and grow both academically and personally.

According to a recent survey of 302 employers by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, the majority seek college graduates who possess effective oral and written communication skills; critical thinking and analytical reasoning; and strong ethical standards. They also want employees who apply knowledge and skills to real-world settings and can understand the global context of situations and decisions.

Those attributes can be found in graduates of a liberal arts college like Susquehanna, positioning them for success throughout their lives.

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