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Teen Tragedy Brings New Meaning to Professor’s Memoir

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Although Brandon didn’t overcome his torment, Simpson considers him a success, thanks to the awareness his death is shedding on issues of bullying and suicide. This summer, his presence was felt worldwide when a picture of Brandon went on tour with Madonna, appearing in a video that played during her performance of Nobody Knows Me. His appearance in the video even earned the scholarship fund a $5,000 donation from Live Nation Tours (USA) Inc.

“That was Brandon’s dream. He wanted to play, and be in front of people and entertain. His big thing was going on tour and performing like the Trans- Siberian Orchestra, under the lights with all the cool violin music,” Simpson says, smiling at the memory, her voice trailing off for a moment.

“Well,” she finally says. “Brandon kind of got his wish. He’s under the lights and he’s touring now.”


Learn more about the warning signs of bullying in Stephen Wallace’s Susquehanna Currents article, How to Save a Life. Read it online at www.susqu.edu/currents/savealife. Wallace, a 1981 graduate of Susquehanna, serves as associate research professor and director of the university’s new Center for Adolescent Research and Education (CARE). Learn more about CARE at www.susqu.edu/care.

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