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The Susquehanna University Dance Corps, comprising dancers at every skill level, holds an annual Spring Showcase.

Campus Dance Groups Create Community

SU Dance Corps, SU Belly Dance Circle and SU Swings give students the ability to dance at college without being a dance major.

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Arab Spring

Class and Lecture Examine the Impact of Arab Spring

Marking the first anniversary of the Arab Spring, Susquehannans explored the implications of this series of revolutions and protests that toppled three totalitarian regimes in the Middle East.

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Medical humanities

Initiative Explores Intersection of Liberal Arts and Medicine

The medical humanities Initiative (MHI), founded in 2005 under the direction of Associate Professors of History Ed Slavishak and Karol K. Weaver, explores how humanities disciplines illuminate the nature and practice of medicine.

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Relocating Home St. Petersburg #2, photograph, 2009.

Exhibit Explores Travel, Foreignness

Award-winning artist Asya Reznikov was behind the Up-Routed For exhibit at the Lore Degenstein Gallery.

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Linden and Laurel halls, located in Susquehanna’s West Village complex, have earned silver-level LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Residence Halls Earn “Green” Certification

Two residence halls in Susquehanna University’s West Village complex recently earned silver-level LEED.

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