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Kaitryn Ronning '15, double major in biology and music departments

Q & A

Kaitryn Ronning '15

Sophomore Kaitryn Ronning, a biology and music major from Davis, Calif., spent the summer getting a unique glimpse into her prospective field with a Susquehanna alumna.

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In Spanish for the Service Professions, students with service-oriented career interests converse with native speakers and participate in service learning.


Spanish Program Engages Latino Community

Learning Spanish should be more than just academic, according to Professor of Spanish Leona Martin. At Susquehanna, it leads to engagement with the Latino community.

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Assistant Professor of Physics Samya Bano Zain is part of an international community of physicists called the ATLAS Collaboration—a project of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN—involved in the search for the “God particle.”

Forward Thinking

The Hunt for the “God Particle”

The discovery that atoms, once thought to be the basic unit of matter, are made of particles continues to inspire questions among scientists, including Assistant Professor of Physics Samya Bano Zain.

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Ahmed Lachhab


Faculty members receive honors for service, travel to Morocco to research water pollution and receive a fellowship.

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