The Miraculous Journey of Marcos Krieger

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As a citizen of Brazil and Germany, Krieger has felt at home in central Pennsylvania since coming to Susquehanna in 2007. The area reminds him of Germany, where towns are often organized around a river. And, unlike in the western states of Utah and Nebraska where he studied, the sense of history and the European presence here are much older. He enjoys going to farmers markets and having conversations in German with the Amish. He takes pleasure in the slightest correspondences, such as the way German peasant food has been translated to American food in the Susquehanna Valley. “In my mind,” he says, “there is always a philological study going on.”

At Susquehanna, Krieger enjoys watching talent blossom in students who have not yet realized the magnitude of their gifts. “Often they are the first generation to attend college,” he says. “Their musical training may have been limited, and it’s my opportunity to provide them with advanced techniques and a vocabulary that will help them to see music in a new light.”

Krieger does not proselytize his Christianity, but instead provides “a safe place” for any student who is struggling with issues of faith. He says the intellectual rigor of a university environment can discourage some students from expressing their spiritual beliefs. Through music, Krieger tries to show that the two are not mutually exclusive. The talents of Mozart or Bach, he says, can be appreciated intellectually and aesthetically, but their genius is so magnificent, it makes sense to factor in the hand of God.

“By watching my parents with the Xerente tribe,” he says, “I saw practical Christianity at its finest. They gave freely of themselves, believing that God had put them with the Xerente for a reason— to provide help and guidance as the tribe transitioned into the modern world. It is the same with me and my students, and I am honored to guide them in their discoveries.”

Larry Gaffney is a contributing writer from Williamsport, Pa.

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