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(L) Myrna Goutier '16  (R) Ashala Powell'13

Q & A

Myrna Goutier '16 and Ashala Powell '13

Susquehanna’s Center for Diversity and Social Justice has initiated a successful mentoring program that pairs new students with experienced upperclassmen who can help them adjust to campus life and thrive both in and out of the classroom.

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Associate Professor of Religion Thomas W. Martin


Students Step "Into the Wardrobe" and Beyond

Popular writer and lay theologian C.S. Lewis was born in Belfast in 1898, but Associate Professor of Religion Thomas W. Martin is passionate about his relevance for 21st-century American students.

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Associate Professor of Psychology Barbara Lewis

Forward Thinking

Learning about Learning

The psychology of learning might sound esoteric, but Barbara Lewis was actually drawn to its practicality.

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2013 graduates Carla Hinson, Bridget Burns and Holly Belkot


New grads earn Fulbrights, budding scientist receives research fellowship, and fraternity named chapter of distinction.

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