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What Participants Say

Every year I am amazed by the enthusiasm of the faculty in the Susquehanna program. Their passion is contagious; by week's end the students have not only learned much about the craft of writing, but are also energized to continue the exploration of their own creativity.     -Susan Perabo, visiting instructor, author of Who I Was Supposed to Be and The Broken Places

Run like a condensed version of a college level writing course, Susquehanna's summer writing workshop was an intensive week spent reading and learning from my peers and their work. I've never been as challenged, had as much fun, or learned as much about writing as I did in that week.     -Carly Husick '15, Malverne, PA

Being surrounded by so many enthusiastic writers--the other students, the teaching assistants, and especially the faculty--made the week as much an instructive experience as it was fun. There's always somebody you can bounce ideas off of. And having campus to yourself is awesome.     -Colin O'Donnell '15, Baltimore, MD

The Advanced Writer's Workshop gave me an opportunity to truly envision myself as a writer, and to enter into a community of students and faculty who are just as passionate about craft as I am. I was able to work with SU's stellar writing faculty closely, and this gave me a unique experience which jump-started my writing and my undergraduate career as a writer. The writing faculty at Susquehanna are deeply dedicated to students' work and success, and are fantastic in the classroom.     -Kirstin Waldkoenig '14, Gettysburg, PA

Through the Writers Workshop, I learned many skills that helped me become a more accomplished writer. By rooming on campus with the other kids in the workshop, I got to experience the feel of college life and in the process made friends that I still consider to be my nearest and dearest nearly two years later.     -Charlie Riccardelli '09, Wanaque, NJ

While attending the Writers Institute weeklong workshop, I wrote some of my best work and feel that, in the short period of time I spent there, I improved immensely. My positive experience at the workshop is the main reason why I am at Susquehanna.     -Yvonne Harris '09, Morristown, NJ

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