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About the Program

The Honors Program at Susquehanna offers a challenging curriculum to students interested in a more self-directed and interdisciplinary approach at the undergraduate level. The program is especially well suited to the intensely curious, active learner who values breadth of study and multiple perspectives.

In addition to their home campus commitments, Honors students and faculty are involved in special events and conferences sponsored by the National Collegiate Honors Council. Students from all majors may participate in the Honors Program. Approximately ten percent of each entering class is invited to join.

The curriculum is comprised of a sequence of special courses and projects throughout all four undergraduate years. Discussion groups, lectures, off-campus visits and residential programs complement Honors Program courses.

The university's Scholars' House, a comfortable residence for students involved in academically challenging projects, serves as the center of many Honors Program activities including administrative meetings, classes and social events.


The mission of the Susquehanna University Honors Program is to nurture our students’ commitment to the pursuit of intellectual and creative excellence and to the exercise of ethical citizenship in the global community.  

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