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Step 1: Developing the Thesis

Rachel GilbertRachel:

When writing a thesis, keep in mind that it’s not set in stone. It can be altered. Writing a thesis that can be proven within the context of your essay is important, too. That’s something I failed to do with my first thesis.


Garth LibhartGarth:

I was sitting in a British literature course, and we were in small groups discussing plagiarism and the growing lack of respect for scholarly property. I said something about how I thought that the Industrial revolution and the rise of capitalism probably contributed to this adulterated opinion of knowledge, and my professor said, "Garth, I think you should look at that for your Sophomore Essay."


Katie FalvoKatie:

When you’re writing a thesis, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you’re trying to delineate your paper in a single sentence. That’s why a thesis is always so difficult to create. Without it, the paper will lack direction, focus and an argument.


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