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Step 2: Research

Katie FalvoKatie:

Research is sorting through an abundance of information to find the passages that are most relevant to your topic. I spent a lot of time deciding which resources were most relevant. Then I read them carefully and thoroughly. That saved time. I didn’t have to read through articles or skim books that may have only contained a sentence or two of relevant information.


Rachel GilbertRachel:

My research has been reading, reading and more reading. I tried to do a little bit of reading every day, which came out to about five hours a week. I read a few books over the summer as well.



Garth LibhartGarth:

My topic requires research from a diverse range of sources. A lot of my research relies on old, dusty texts from a few centuries ago—Bentham's Chrestomathia, Rousseau's Emile, etc. I’m also looking at more recent scholarly articles and books that dissect the influence of utilitarianism and the Industrial Revolution on education as well as articles that comment on the state of education in our modern society.


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