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Step 4: Faculty Sponsor Feedback

Rachel GilbertRachel:
David Imhoof, Ph.D., associate professor of history

Working one-on-one with a professor is a great experience. You’re really able to focus in on your topic and your work. Dr. Imhoof pointed out things within my writing that I don’t always realize that I do. And as a German historian, he had the background to really help me get into great detail about my topic. He really got my research started by suggesting a few books to read over the summer. Those books laid the groundwork for my research.


Garth LibhartGarth:
Randy Robertson, Ph.D., assistant professor of english and creative writing

It’s really nice to get honest, pithy feedback from a professor. Dr. Robertson’s feedback was helpful because he was able to offer a range of advice, from basic things about my writing that I can improve to more substantial issues such as the direction of my research. Our meetings about my essay often led to fascinating conversations about literature and philosophy. These conversations kept me motivated as I continued to explore my research. 


Katie FalvoKatie:
Kwok Wong, Ph.D., visiting professor of history

Dr. Wong was very careful to provide limited feedback in a manner that geared me in the right direction but also let me do the work myself. I found this method of teaching very helpful because it allowed me to formulate questions and theories on my own, rather than have them presented to me as they would be in a class.


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