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Step 5: Revision

Katie FalvoKatie:

After working on a paper for a long amount of time, it’s easy to become so absorbed in the topic that you begin to miss fallacies in your arguments or digressions in your structure because the text makes sense to you. Revision gave me the opportunity to step outside of my paper to find and correct these areas.


Rachel GilbertRachel:

I took a red pen to my draft and found sections that needed to be strengthened or removed. I also looked at the critiques Dr. Imhoof had given and took those into account. He brought a fresh eye to the essay, so he was able to spot weaknesses that I didn’t. Based on his suggestions, I rewrote my introduction and conclusion and removed one unnecessary point that had nothing to do with my argument. 


Garth LibhartGarth:

Revision allowed me to view my writing through a different lens. It gave me time to consider more thoughtfully the ability of my essay to communicate effectively. By revisiting my thoughts I improved them because I opened myself to criticism and, consequently, intellectual growth.


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