Writers Institute

Graduate School Successes

Writers Institute graduates can boast of success in graduate school and career pursuits after Susquehanna. 

Susquehanna graduates have won four Associated Writing Programs Intro Awards for poetry in the past seven years, and they have begun to publish in national magazines. One has recently won a national chapbook contest, and another a national magazine award for poetry. Two recent alums received book contracts and were published.

Graduates have secured jobs at magazines like Us Weekly and In Touch, as well as with publishers like Prentice Hall, Harper Collins and Simon & Schuster. They have become lawyers, teachers, editors, journalists, grant writers, copyeditors and advertising writers.

Creative writing alumni have been accepted into some of the best graduate programs in the country:


American—Dylan Furlano Public, Anthropology (deferred)
Arizona—Deb Gravina, poetry
Boston University—Alexis Teats, Film and Television Studies (deferred)
George Mason--Sarah Davis, nonfiction
NYU—Katherine Hunold, Magazine Writing
Montana—Kristin Waldkoenig, poetry (deferred), Fullbright Fellowship Germany
Partial Fulbright Fellowship—Nicki Powers, France
Temple—Andrew Phillips, Sociology
UNC-Wilmington—Abby Hess, fiction  (deferred)


Arizona—Brianna Shaeffer, poetry
Bucknell—Bryce Bortree, fiction
Chatham—Kaitlin Bartlett, fiction
Columbia—Steve Bucsok, publishing
Edinburgh—Emilie Reed, museum curating
Emerson—Alison Enzinna, publishing
Iowa—Rebecca James, fiction
Johns Hopkins—Bobby Mitchell, fiction
Maryland—Julie Brown, library science
New Mexico State—Sarah Gzemski, poetry
NYU—Kara Brammer, publishing
Regents—Michelle Coles, business
Simmons—Rachel Woodring, library science


MFA programs:

Arizona—Kim Stoll, poetry
Arizona—Mike Coakley, fiction
Arizona State—Dana Diehl, fiction
Bucknell—Louis Land, fiction
Central Arkansas—Audrey Carroll, fiction
Central Arkansas—TJ Heffers, fiction
Chatham—Lauren Breen, poetry
Florida International—Jeff Bonar, fiction
Iowa—Meredith Blankenship ’08, poetry
Iowa—Joe Sherlock, poetry
Ohio—Will Hoffacker, nonfiction
Rutgers—Andrew Pryor, fiction
Sarah Lawrence—Christina Harrington, fiction
Sarah Lawrence—Angela Robinson, nonfiction
Syracuse—Greg Cwik, (minor) arts journalism
UNC-Wilmington—Joe Sherlock, fiction deferred

Doctoral programs:

George Washington—Patrick Henry ‘08
Louisiana—Billie Tadros '10
Pittsburgh—Sylvia Grove ’07


Arizona State University—Melissa Goodrich, poetry & fiction
Emerson College—Staci Eckenroth, fiction
George Mason University—Amber Cook, poetry
George Mason University—Liz Morris
New Mexico State University—Christina Glessner, fiction
Old Dominion University—Liz Morris, poetry
Southern Illinois University—Zach Macholz, poetry
University of Montana—Ryan Rickrode, fiction & creative nonfiction 


Arcadia University—Silas Gossman, nonfiction
Bowling Green State University—James Dunham, fiction
Columbia University—Nadia Waggener, poetry
Johns Hopkins University—Laura Williams, fiction
New York University—Will Paris, fiction/English
NUI Galway (Ireland)—Anna Snyder, fiction
Penn State University—Holly Moncavage, law
Sarah Lawrence University—Billie Tadros, poetry
University of Iowa—Marcus Burke, fiction
University of Memphis—Devon Taylor, creative nonfiction
University of Mississippi—Kaitlyn Wall, poetry
William Paterson University—Charlie Riccardelli, fiction


Arizona State University—Shane Lake, poetry
Emerson University—Chantal Notarstefano, fiction
Emerson University—Lauryn Hanzl, fiction 
New York University—Sylvia Grove,  writing/French hybrid
Oregon State University—Stephanie Roush, poetry 
University of Denver—Erin Lindberg, library science
University of Houston—Kelly Hatton, fiction
University of Mississippi—Sarah Turcotte, fiction 
University of New Orleans—Tom Kiczula, fiction  


Accepted into multiple institutions—Erica Reiss, counseling
Accepted into multiple institutions—Meredith Blankinship, poetry
American University—Alyssa Kopanyi, fiction
Bucknell University—Patrick Henry, English
Columbia University—Christina Behnke, publishing
University of Iowa—Allison Harris, poetry,
University of Maryland—Alexandra Robinson, journalism
University of Pittsburgh—Kate Manning, library science


Denver Publishing Institute—Jen Quigley, publishing
Georgia State College and University—Kelyn Stump, poetry (fellowship)
The New School—Taryn Andrews, poetry
University of Houston—Jonathan Niles-Gill, fiction (fellowship)
University of Pittsburgh—Sal Pane, fiction


Colorado State University—Meredith Ripa, Poetry (assistantship)
Emerson University—Erin Breznitsky, poetry
Pratt Institute—Cassandra Smolcic, Graphic Design (tuition remission)
Rosemont University—Jennie Harris, publishing
Rutgers University—Ted Leimbach, Community Planning (fellowship)
Sarah Lawrence University—Emily Seibert, Creative Nonfiction (tuition remission)
Union Theological Seminary, Columbia University—Kim Tomaszewski, Religious studies
University of Maryland—Phil Moyer, fiction

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