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Photo of Shari Jacobson, Ph.D.

Shari Jacobson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Department Chair, Sociology/Anthropology
Coord Legal Studies Interdisciplinary Min

Phone: 570-372-4754
Email: jacobson@susqu.edu
Office Location: Fisher Hall - Rm 325

Academic Credentials:
PHD, Stanford University
MA, Stanford University
EDM, Harvard University
BA, Grinnell College

Shari Jacobson’s research and teaching interests address religion in the modern world. Her current project, “The State of Secularism: The Good, the Beautiful, and the True in Christian America,” examines the ways in which fundamental and evangelical Christianity are co-implicated with contemporary forms of governance, specifically neoliberalism and neoconservatism. She has also worked among ultra-orthodox Jews in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Some of the findings of that research were reported in her American Anthropologist article “Modernity, Conservative Religious Movements, and the Female Subject: Newly Ultraorthodox Sephardi Women in Buenos Aires.”

Shari Jacobson’s course offerings include Fundamentalisms in the Modern World; Magic, Witchcraft and Religion; History and Culture of Jewish Cuisines; Introduction to Cultural Anthropology; and History of Anthropological Theory.

She also hosts a weekly radio show entitled “The Social Hour,” on which she engages in open-ended dialogue with students about issues of concern on campus and in the broader community.


  • ANTH-162 Cultural Anthropology
  • ANTH-162 Introduction to Anthropology
  • ANTH-220 Magic, Witchcraft & Religion
  • ANTH-311 Regulating Bodies
  • ANTH-312 History & Culture of Jewish Cuisines
  • ANTH-360 Religious Fundamentalisms Modern World
  • ANTH-400 History Anthropological Theory
  • ANTH-500 Seminar
  • ANTH-501 Independent Research
  • ANTH-502 Independent Study
  • HONS-301 Religious Fundamentalisms
  • JWST-312 History & Culture of Jewish Cuisines
  • RELI-220 Magic, Witchcraft & Religion
  • RELI-360 Religious Fundamentalisms Modern World
  • SOCI-500 Seminar
  • SOCI-501 Independent Research

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