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Photo of Carl O. Moses

Carl O. Moses
Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Phone: 570-372-4170
Email: moses@susqu.edu
Office Location: Steele Hall Rm 207
Office Hours:
1 p.m. – 2 p.m., MW
11 a.m. – 12 p.m., TH

Academic Credentials:
PHD, University of Virginia
MS, University of Virginia
BA, Princeton University

Moses' principal research interest is aqueous geochemistry, the chemical interactions of rocks and water in the natural environment. His specific interests include the mineral–solution interface, computational modeling of geochemical processes, and environmental materials science, as well as industrial ecology and environmental management. He has complemented his research with consulting projects in support of architectural preservation of several structures, including the Pennsylvania State Capitol. He has taught courses in aqueous geochemistry, environmental thermodynamics, water quality measurements, and general environmental science, including atmospheric science, climatology, and biogeochemistry. The National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Basic Energy Sciences have funded his research. He is a member of the Franklin Institute’s Committee on Science and the Arts.


  • EENV-104 Weather and Climate
  • EENV-220 Water Resources
  • ENGL-100 Writing and Thinking
  • INTD-310 Global Citizenship
  • OFFP-GERMANY GO Wittenberg
  • OFFP-GOLONG Preparation for GO Long
  • OFFP-GYOW Self-Designed GO Experience
  • OFFR-310 Global Citizenship
  • OFFR-GERMANY GO Wittenberg
  • OFFS-GERMANY GO Wittenberg
  • PRDV-104 Perspectives

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