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Apprentice Writer

The Apprentice Writer publishes poems, stories and personal essays by high school students from schools throughout the nation. It has a circulation of 11,000 and is distributed each September. In its 33rd year, it is edited and produced, in part, by Susquehanna writing students.

Submission Deadline: March 10, 2015

Acceptance announcements will be mailed by May 9, 2015

Publication and distribution: September 2015


From Brownstone Steps by Allegra Johnson
My Father, Wet Sneakers, Ant Cemeteries, and the Blues by Grace Wilentz
The Helga Pictures by Emily K. Miller
Rhythmic Like Count Basie by Susan E. Ulbrich
Two Girls Tanning by Miriam Lawrence

Submission Guidelines 

  1. Manuscripts must be typed in Times New Roman, 12 point font, in Microsoft Word format and sent as an email attachment. (Prose entries should be double-spaced and poetry single-spaced.) Photograph entries should be included as jpeg. files.
  2. Categories for submissions are: fiction, memoir, personal essay, photography, and poetry.
  3. Submissions should be sent, via email, according to genre. (All fiction submissions in one email, all memoir submissions in one email, all personal essay submissions in one email, etc.).
  4. All rights return to the writer after publication.
  5. There are no restrictions on style, subject, or length (up to 30 pages). We look for the best written work and photography by high school students (grades 9-12) from the United States.
  6. We send print copies of The Apprentice Writer to accepted contributors and their teachers.
  7. We are unable to acknowledge those works that are not accepted for publication. If you have not heard from us by May 15, 2015, your work has not been accepted.
  8. Please include your name, full mailing address (street, city, state & zip), email address, grade, name of teacher, and school in your email AND on the first page of your submission(s). (For photographs, include information in the text of your email only.)
  9. Send email submissions to appwriter@susqu.edu with the heading ‘(CATEGORY NAME) - APPRENTICE WRITER SUBMISSION’.

Please be sure you have carefully read and followed the instructions above before submitting your work for consideration. Any emails that do not follow submission requirements will be returned for re-submission.

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