Diversity Studies


Courses counting toward the diversity studies minor vary by academic year.  Courses approved for the minor in the past three years are listed below.  (Abstracts describing how these courses are related to the minor can be found on the Course Descriptions page.)






ANTH-152-01  Public Culture
ANTH-162-01  Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH-162-02  Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH-237-01  Museums and Anthropology
ANTH-311-01  Regulating Bodies
ANTH-341-01/SOCI-341-01  Family and Kinship
ANTH-400-01  History Anthropological Theory
ARTH-313-01/WMST-313-01  Women in Art
BIOL-010-02  Human Genetics and Society
BIOL-157-01/WMST-250-01  The Biology of Women
COMM-194-01  Intercultural Communication
COMM-471-01  Analysis of Emerging Media
DIVS-100-01  Intro to Diversity Studies
DIVS-400-01  Diversity Encounters
ECOL-100-01  Introduction to Ecology
ECON-325-01  Labor Economics
ECON-330-01  International Trade & Finance
ECON-442-01  Emerging Market Economies
ECON-465-01  Global Financial Markets
EDUC-202-01  Intro to Human Geography
EDUC-260-01  Intro to Special Education
EDUC-260-02  Intro to Special Education
ENGL-250-01  Asian Literature and Film
ENGL-255-01/JWST-255-01  Jewish Literature
ENGL-390-02  Race Identity in U S Lit
FILM-230-01  American Film and Culture
HIST-151-01  Traditional East Asia
HIST-151-02  Traditional East Asia
HIST-152-02  Modern East Asia
HIST-172-01  Early Modern Africa
HIST-180-02  Latin America, 1492 - 1825
HIST-181-01  Lat American Hist 1825 - Pres
HIST-313-01  Social History of the U. S.
HIST-390-01  U.S./China Relations
HIST-390-02  Latin American Revolutions
HIST-390-02  Globalizing China
HONS-240-01  Thought and Social Diversity
JWST-113-01/RELI-113-01  Introduction to Judaism
JWST-115-01/RELI-115-01  Jewish Philosophy and Ethics
JWST-390-01  Modern Israeli Society
MUSC-130-01  Rock Music and Society
OFFR-310-01  Global Citizenship
OFFR-310-02  Global Citizenship
OFFR-310-03  Global Citizenship
OFFR-310-04  Global Citizenship
PHIL-150-01  Everyday Ethics
PHIL-302-01/JWST-302-01  Philosophy After the Holocaust
POLI-131-01  World Affairs
POLI-131-02  World Affairs
POLI-211-01/WMST-211-01  Women and U.S. Politics
POLI-226-01/HIST-226-01  Soviet and Russian Politics
PSYC-230-01  Social Psychology
PSYC-320-01  Abnormal Psychology
PSYC-334-01/WMST-334-01  Psychology of Gender
PSYC-350-01  Psych, Culture, and Ethnicity
RELI-105-01  World Religions
RELI-107-01  Faiths and Values
RELI-201-01/JWST-201-01  The Hebrew Bible
RELI-207-01/JWST-207-01/WMST-207-1  Women in Biblical Tradition
SOCI-101-01  Principles of Sociology
SOCI-101-02  Principles of Sociology
SOCI-101-03  Principles of Sociology
SOCI-102-01  Social Problems
SOCI-220-01  Research Methods
SOCI-311-01  Sociological Theory
SOCI-500-01  Seminar
SPAN-305-01  Spanish Service Professions
SPAN-310-01  Latin America
SPAN-310-01  Latinos in the United States
SPAN-447-01  Hispanic-American Studies
WMST-100-01  Intro to Women's Studies
WMST-365-01/ENGL-365-01  Irish Women Poets
WMST-370-01/HIST-370-01  American Women
WMST-380-S1/MGMT-468-S1  Women in Organizations
WMST-500-01  Women's Studies Research


ANTH-152-W1 Public Culture
ANTH-162-02 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH-227-01 Native America North of Mexico
ANTH-341-W1 Family and Kinship
ANTH-360-W1 Religious Fundamentalisms
ANTH-400-01 History Anthropological Theory
ANTH-413-W1 Race, Ethnicity & Minorities
COMM-471-W1 Analysis of Emerging Media
DIVS-100-01 Intro to Diversity Studies
DIVS-400-01 Diversity Encounters
EDUC-202-01 Intro to Human Geography
HIST-152-02 Modern East Asia
HIST-180-02 Latin America, 1492 – 182
HIST-181-02 Latin America, 1825– Present
HIST-335-01 Muslims/Christians/Jews Spain
MUSC-102-01 (14105) A Study of Jazz
POLI-131-W1 World Affairs
PHIL-150-01 Everyday Ethics
PHIL-212-01 Feminist Philosophy
PSYC-334-W1 Psychology of Gender
RELI-201-W1 The Hebrew Bible
SOCI-101-03 Principles of Sociology
SOCI-101-02 Principles of Sociology


ANTH-152-W1 Public Culture
ANTH-162-01 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH-162-02 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH-311-W1 Regulating Bodies
ANTH-400-01 History Anthropological Theory
DIVS-100-01 Intro to Diversity Studies
DIVS-400-01 Diversity Encounters
DIVS-400-02 Diversity Encounters
ECOL-100-01 Introduction to Ecology
ECON-325-01 Labor Economics
ECON-330-W1 International Trade & Finance
ECON-442-W1 Emerging Market Economies
EDUC-202-01 Intro to Human Geography
ENGL-255-01 Jewish Literature
EDUC-260-01 Intro to Special Education
ENGL-265-W2 American Popular Culture
FILM-300-03 Film and Politics
FRNC-310-01 Entre Deux Mondes
FRNC-310-01 Entre Deux Mondes
FRNC-460-W1 Entre Deux Mondes
FRNC-460-W1 Entre Deux Mondes
HIST-151-01 Traditional East Asia
HIST-151-02 Traditional East Asia
HIST-172-01 Early Modern Africa
HIST-180-01 Latin America, 1492 - 1825
HIST-180-02 Latin America, 1492 - 1825
HIST-181-01 Latin America, 1825–Present
HIST-258-01 Modern China
HIST-321-01 European Union
HIST-390-01 Latin American Revolutions
HONS-301-01/SOCI-200 White Privilege
HONS-301-08/PHIL-302/JWST-302 Philosophy After the Holocaust
HONS-301-10/HIST-258 Modern China
HONS-301-11/HIST-390 Latin American Revolutions
INTD-310-01 Global Citizenship
JWST-115-01 Jewish Philosophy and Ethics
MUSC-102-01 A Study of Jazz
MUSC-130-01 Rock Music and Society
PHIL-150-01 Everyday Ethics
POLI-131-W1 World Affairs
POLI-131-W2 World Affairs
POLI-202-01 Film and Politics
POLI-211-01 Women and U.S. Politics
POLI-228-01 Middle East Politics & Society
POLI-321-01 European Union
PSYC-334-W1 Psychology of Gender
PSYC-350-W1 Psych, Culture, and Ethnicity
RELI-105-01 World Religions
RELI-107-01 Faiths and Values
RELI-115-01 Jewish Philosophy and Ethics
SOCI-101-01 Principles of Sociology
SOCI-101-02 Principles of Sociology
SOCI-102-01 Social Problems
SOCI-102-02 Social Problems
SOCI-102-03 Social Problems
SOCI-200-01 White Privilege
WMST-100-01 Intro to Women's Studies
WMST-211-01 Women and U.S. Politics
WMST-334-W1 Psychology of Gender
WMST-380-S1 Women in Organizations


ANTH-162-01  Cultural Anthropology
ANTH-162-02  Cultural Anthropology
ANTH-312-01  Hist/Culture Jewish Cuisines
ANTH-341-W1  Family and Kinship
ARTD-313-01  Women in Art
BIOL-010-01  Human Genetics and Society
BIOL-157-01  The Biology of Women
DIVS-100-01  Intro to Diversity Studies
DIVS-400-01  Diversity Encounters
ECOL-100-01  Introduction to Ecology
ECON-330-W1  International Trade & Finance
ECON-442-W1  Emerging Market Economies
ECON-465-W1  Global Financial Markets
EDUC-202-01  Intro to Human Geography
EDUC-205-01  Intro to Special Education
ENGL-245-01  Indian Literature and Film
ENGL-245-W1  African-American Literature
ENGL-250-W1  Asian Literature and Film
ENGL-390-W1  Race and Identity in U S Lit
FILM-300-W3  Asian Literature and Film
FRNC-310-01  French Lit & Cultural Studies
HIST-152-01  Modern East Asia
HIST-152-02  Modern East Asia
HIST-171-01  African Civilization
HIST-172-01  Early Modern Africa
HIST-172-02  Early Modern Africa
HIST-181-01  Lat American Hist 1825 - Pres
HIST-181-02  Lat American Hist 1825 - Pres
HIST-313-01  Social History of the U. S.
HIST-321-01  European Union
HIST-338-01  The Holocaust
HIST-390-01  British History and Culture
HIST-390-02  Sino-U.S. Relations
HIST-390-02  Globalizing China: Diasporas
HIST-390-03  Race/Nation Modern Latin Amer
HIST-390-W2  History of Feminist Thought
HIST-390-W3  Mexico Since Independence
HONS-200-01  Thought and Civilization
HONS-200-02  Thought and Civilization
HONS-200-03  Thought and Civilization
HONS-240-W1  Thought and Social Diversity
HONS-301-03/HIST-390 Sino-U.S. Relations
HONS-301-05/FRNC-310/FRNC-460 Francophone Literature Study
HONS-301-06/HIST-390-02 Globalizing China: Diasporas
HONS-301-09/HIST-390 Race/Nation Modern Latin America
HONS-301-W1/ENGL-250/FILM-300 Asian Literature and Film
HONS-301-W1/ANTH-341/SOCI-341 Family and Kinship
HONS-301-W3/HIST-390/WMST-400 History of Feminist Thought
HONS-301-W4/SOCI-300 Black Feminism II
HONS-301-W5/HIST-390 Mexico Since Independence
HONS-301-W7/SOCI-202 Black Feminism I
JWST-115-01  Jewish Philosophy and Ethics
JWST-201-01  The Old Testament
JWST-312-01  Hist/Culture Jewish Cuisines
JWST-338-01  The Holocaust
MUSC-102-01  A Study of Jazz
MUSC-130-01  Rock Music and Society
POLI-131-01  World Affairs
POLI-131-W1  World Affairs
POLI-202-01  Postcolonialism
POLI-222-01  Politics of Developing Nations
POLI-228-01  Middle East Politics & Society
POLI-321-01  European Union
POLI-500-01  Political Econ of Middle East
PSYC-230-01  Social Psychology
PSYC-334-W1  Psychology of Gender
RELI-105-01  World Religions
RELI-107-01  Faiths and Values
RELI-115-01  Jewish Philosophy and Ethics
RELI-201-01  The Old Testament
RELI-250-01  Images of Jesus in Cen America
SOCI-101-01  Principles of Sociology
SOCI-101-02  Principles of Sociology
SOCI-102-01  Social Problems
SOCI-102-02  Social Problems
SOCI-200-01  Intro to Post Colonial Studies
SOCI-200-02  Sociology of Punishment
SOCI-202-W1  Black Feminism I
SOCI-230-01  Social Psychology
SOCI-300-W1  Black Feminism II
SOCI-316-01  Social Justice
SOCI-331-W1  Social Control and Deviance
SOCI-341-W1  Family and Kinship
SPAN-310-01  Latin America
SPAN-310-02  Latinos in USA
SPAN-447-W1  Hispanic-American Studies
SPAN-542-01  Sem: Hispanic American Studies
THEA-253-01  Non-Western Theatre
WMST-100-01  Intro to Women's Studies
WMST-250-01  The Biology of Women
WMST-313-01  Women in Art
WMST-334-W1  Psychology of Gender
WMST-380-S1  Women in Organizations
WMST-400-W1  History of Feminist Thought

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