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Room & Board

Summer Session 2015

$75 per week (no meal plan included) or $130 per week (meal plan included).

Meal plan is lunch Monday-Friday. Room and board payments for the entire four- or seven-week term is due at check -in. If a student withdraws during the term, room and bard will be prorated. 

Room and board does not apply to students who are taking only online classes and therefore not living on campus.

Room Information

Housing in a residence hall is available for summer students. Please contact Residence Life or visit the Residence Life section of mySU for an application.

Summer courses are administered under the same regulations governing student conduct during other sessions of the university.

Note: Summer students, regardless of age, may not keep alcohol in their residence hall rooms.


Lunch is served in the Evert Dining Room Monday–Friday. No meals are served on weekends.

Course Catalog

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