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Research Partners Program

The program provides stipends for students to participate in research projects during the summer. The program enhances student learning by providing students the opportunity to actively participate in a research project on a full-time basis. Faculty members serve as mentors to the students, creating a “community of learners” at Susquehanna. Since the program began in 1996, more than 100 students have taken part in summer research projects thanks to funds provided by the Office of the Provost.

Recent Research Partners Projects

  • Nathan Bair, under the direction of Jan Reichard-Brown, associate professor of biology, studied the effect of pre-treating sea urchin sperm with thalidomide prior to fertilizing untreated eggs and its effect on sea urchin embryonic development.
  • Kevin Craig, under the direction of Pavithra Vivekanand, visiting assistant professor of biology, studied how different cell types are specified in multicellular organisms using glial cells within the CNS of Drosophila.
  • Brian Etz studied under the direction of Renuka Manchanayakage, assistant professor of chemistry. The title of their project was “Chiral Discrimination Ability of Chiral Room Temperature Ionic Liquids.”
  • Nathan Fox worked with Samya Zain, assistant professor of physics, to continue the work on SU Tier-3 Cluster and ATLAS (A Torodial LHC Apparatus) in conjunction with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland.
  • Rebecca Frazier worked with Erin Keen-Rhinehart, assistant professor of biology. The title of their project was “Effects of Prenatal Nutrient Restriction on Neuroendocrine Regulation in Rats.”
  • Chelsea Gowton, under the direction of David Matlaga, assistant professor of biology, investigated the population biology of two invasive plant species in central Pennsylvania.
  • Austin Iovoli, under the direction of Jack Holt, professor of biology, explored the relationship between the distribution of Flavobacterium columnare and the decline of sports fishery in the upper mainstem of the Susquehanna River.
  • Anthony Katona worked with Violet Mager, assistant professor of physics, on the formation and evolution of galaxies.
  • Jason Long, under the direction of Margaret Peeler, professor of biology, studied the gene regulation driving PMC differentiation and morphogenesis in sea urchins which will serve as a model system for understanding the complex interactions of genes that occurs as all embryonic cells become specified and move to a highly differentiated state.
  • Shelby O’Riley, under the direction of Swarna Basu, associate professor of chemistry, continued work on a comprehensive study which was published in 2012 involving a series of 12 nickel complexes which may be used in the design of new metalloproteases.
  • Chibueze Onwunaka, worked with Daniel Ressler, associate professor of earth and environmental sciences, on emerging research in alternative energy sources which shows some species of algae are capable of producing carbon compounds that can be used for biofuels.

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