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Academic Support & Success

Academic studies at Susquehanna are substantive, and students are challenged. But we also provide resources and support systems to help students succeed. Susquehanna’s size and culture invite students to be active participants in their education. As members of a community committed to teaching and learning, partners in academic support and success are numerous and include faculty, staff and fellow students.

The Center for Academic Achievement

Assisting students in developing skills and habits that promote learning in and out of the classroom, the center offers programs that:

  • Assist new students in making the transition to college life
  • Help students develop positive academic skills
  • Provide resources and guidance for effective writing
  • Offer subject-specific tutoring

Services for Students with Disabilities

The university is committed to providing reasonable and adequate accommodations to students who have disabilities. In addition to offering guidance to students about requirements and accommodations at Susquehanna, the disability services coordinator also works with students to develop self-advocacy skills.

How We Promote Student Engagement and Success

Students can depend on faculty and staff support when they’re experiencing difficulty.


Open study hours, workshops, presentations and tutoring hours.

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