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What is a cross-cultural experience?

A cross-cultural experience takes students out of their usual range of everyday living and exposes them to cultures different from their own. It can take many forms, including: 

  • A traditional semester study away program 
  • A short-term faculty/staff-led program 
  • A self-designed experience proposed and accepted in advance 
  • Service in a cross-cultural setting

How long must it be?

A cross-cultural experience will generally last a minimum of two weeks, but may last a semester or more.

Where can it be?

Students may study abroad or in the United States.

Who is covered by the new requirement?

The requirement took effect in fall 2009 for new students. Students who began studies prior to fall 2009 are welcome to participate in a cross-cultural experience but are not required to do so.

Why is this program being instituted?

It is part of Susquehanna’s new central curriculum, which took effect in fall 2009 for incoming students. The revised central curriculum places even greater emphasis on intellectual and critical thinking skills, and also teaches students how to use these skills in an increasingly global and changing environment. Susquehanna is committed to preparing students for success in a diverse and interconnected world. Cross-cultural immersion ensures each student can function effectively within the context of another culture.

How much will it cost?

For semester-long study away programs approved by the university, the cost of tuition will be the same as Susquehanna’s. All costs—including tuition, room, board and travel—are taken into account when determining financial aid. Financial aid also will be available for students attending approved short-term programs who have demonstrated need.

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