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GO Long Programs

AfricaSU in Africa: The Gambia

SU in Africa: The Gambia
This program allows Susquehanna University students to join 1,300 University of Gambia students for undergraduate study. Students will be exposed to The Gambia’s unique experience as a stable nation on a historically turbulent continent. This is a spring-only program. 


SU in China: MacauSU in China: Macau 
Susquehanna University maintains an exchange agreement with the University of Macau, located 37 miles from Hong Kong. Each spring semester up to 10 Susquehanna students can study at this English-language university accompanied by an SU faculty member.

SU in Japan: Senshu UniversitySU in Japan: Senshu University
Susquehanna University maintains an exchange agreement with Senshu University, located in Tokyo. This exchange program is open in the fall only. The program includes courses in Japanese culture and history, Japanese business and Japanese language. No prior Japanese language class is required, some pre-departure independent study is required.



SU in Australia: Macquarie University
Students on this program study at Macquarie University, located in bustling Sydney, Australia. Macquarie offers a wide variety of courses, some of which include excursions both in Sydney and the surrounding areas to supplement in-class learning.



Aphrodite's Birthplace, CyprusSU in the Mediterranean: Cyprus
Nicosia, the capital of the Meditteranean island of Cyprus, is the host city for this program. Susquehanna University students choose from a wide variety of classes offered at the University of Nicosia. This trip involves excursions within Cyprus as well as an optional week-long trip to Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Greece, and Spain.


SU in London: Regent's University London

SU in London: Regent's University London
This program allows Susquehanna University students to study at Regent's University London in central London. Regent's offers a variety of courses applicable to nearly all majors. Students will be exposed to British culture and are able to take advantage of excursions to historical and cultural sites in and around London.

SWSB London ProgramTower Bridge, London
The Sigmund Weis School of Business London Program is a popular study-abroad program among business students. This program allows students to explore international business environments in London and throughout Europe. They take classes together and have the opportunity to travel all across Europe.

Liverpool HopeSU in Liverpool: Liverpool Hope University
Liverpool Hope University, located in upbeat Liverpool, England, is the center of study for students on this program. The university's Creative Campus has facilities for the study of disciplines like art, music and the performing arts, making this program a good fit for students of those majors.


StirlingSU in Scotland: Stirling University
Study in the heart of Scotland on this program. Stirling University, located in Stirling, Scotland, offers a wide variety of courses for study abroad students. The university has plenty of extracurricular activities that study abroad students are welcome to join during their semester to enhance their study abroad experience.


GalwaySU in Ireland: Galway University
Galway, located on the western coast of Ireland, is the host city for students on this program. Classes in many different disciplines are available for study abroad students at Galway University. The city of Galway is known for its culture, festivals and traditonal Irish music.


North America

Susquehanna Washington Internship SemesterSusquehanna Washington Internship Semester
Susquehanna University sponsors a semester-long internship program in Washington, D.C. Students complete a 30 hour-per-week internship, take two seminar courses, and participate in a variety of cultural activities and service projects. Does not count for cross-cultural experience.


Approved Study Away Programs
Susquehanna students have the opportunity to extend their undergraduate study to numerous worldwide locations.

Heiskell Award Winner 2013

GO Program Earns International Education Award for Susquehanna

Susquehanna was the 2013 recipient of the prestigious Andrew Heiskell Award for Internationalizing the Campus, for the GO Program and related initiatives. More »

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