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North America and the Caribbean




    Havana, Cuba

    Host: Spanish Studies Abroad - Havana
    Required GPA: 3.0
    Languages: Spanish
    Housing: Homestay
    Approved Program Options: Spanish studies or integrated studies with Cuban students
    Course Sampling: Spanish Language; Cuban History; Cuban Culture
    Of Note: Excursions include all-inclusive program-sponsored excursions to places such as Old Havana; the Museum of the Revolution; Farmers' markets; grassroots community centers; jazz, salsa and hip-hop concerts; Cienfuegos province; the colonial city of Trinidad; and more.


    Dominican Republic


    Host: CIEE Universidad Catolica
    Required GPA: 2.75, 3.0 in Spanish
    Languages: Spanish
    Housing: Homestay
    Course Sampling: Spanish Language; Contemporary Dominican Republic: Political and Socioeconomic Processes; Caribbean Short Stories; Introduction to Dominican Folklore; Catholic Morality; Fundamentals of Economics; Rural and Urban Sociology
    Of Note: Community service; excursions to Santo Domingo, the Samaná Peninsula, the mountains of Jarabacoa, amber mines and museums; whale watching. Two years of Spanish required.  




    Host: CIEE Universidad de Guanajuato
    Required GPA: 2.75
    Languages: English and Spanish
    Housing: Homestay
    Course Sampling: Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Mexican Culture; Spanish Language; Guanajuato and Mexico in Historical Perspective; Survey of Mexican Literature
    Of Note: Excursions to Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, Dolores Hidalgo and Zacatecas. Two semesters of Spanish required.


    Host: Central College Merida
    Required GPA: 2.5
    Languages: English and Spanish
    Housing: Central College house or Homestay
    Course Sampling: Spanish Language; Art and Architecture of Yucatan; Contemporary Issues in U.S. – Mexico Relations; Latin American Dance; Latin American Novel; Mexican Civilization
    Of Note: Service-learning opportunities; internship opportunities; excursions to the Mayan ruins, Izamal and Mani

    Host: IFSA-Butler Universidad de Yucatån
    Required GPA: 3.0
    Population: 15,500 students
    Languages: English and Spanish
    Housing: Homestay
    Course Sampling: History of Mayan Culture and Civilization; History of Mexico – U.S. Relations; Spanish Language; Introduction to Underwater Archaeology; Doing Business in Mexico; Mexican Anthropology
    Of Note: Near archeological sites and Mayan ruins of Uxmal and Chichén Itzá


    Puerto Rico

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Host:  Spanish Studies Abroad - San Juan                           
    Required GPA:  3.0
    Language: Spanish
    Housing: Residence halls
    Approved Program Options:  International studies program in English; integrated studies with Spanish students
    Course Sampling: Spanish Language, The Political, Economic and Social Reality of Puerto Rico, The Caribbean and Latin America
    Of Note:  Excursions include Ponce, El Yunque and tropical rainforest bioluminscent bay in Fajardo


    United States

    Washington, D.C. - Does not count for the GO requirement

    Host: Susquehanna University Washington Internship Program (LCWS)
    Required GPA: 3.0
    Housing: Students live in penthouse condos near Rosslyn Metro stop
    Course Sampling: American Diversity; Conflict and Compromise; Public Relations Seminar; Photojournalism; Political Communication
    Of Note: Students complete a four-day per week internship and take two courses; SU students have interned at the White House, the Smithsonian museums, the national headquarters of various non-profits; their own members of Congress, etc. Open to all majors.


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