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United Kingdom/Ireland



Host: Susquehanna University in London at Regent’s University London 
Required GPA: 2.5
Housing: Residence halls or off-campus
Course Sampling: Art Appreciation; Current Problems in Human Rights; Fundamentals of Reporting; Human Biology; Topics in History: The British Monarchy; The World System Since 1500; Introduction to International Relations; Media Literacy
Of Note: Excursions to the British Museum, Natural History Museum, Science Museum and Tate Modern Museum

Host: Sigmund Weis School of Business: London
Required GPA: 2.0
Housing: Student flats 20 to 30 minutes off-campus
Course Sampling: Operations Management; Seminar in European Operations; British Theater; Management and Organizational Behavior; British History and Culture
Of Note: Week-long consulting workshop in Prague, Czech Republic and excursions to other areas such as Scotland, Italy, Switzerland.



Host: IFSA-Butler University of Sussex (fall only)
Required GPA: 3.0
Housing: Residence halls or student flats
Course Sampling: The Anthropological Imagination; Introduction to Computer Systems; Animal Behavior; Mathematics for Economists; European Film and Literature; The British Isles and Europe in the Wider World 1: Early Modernity
Of Note: Unusual student clubs, including: akido, canoeing, windsurfing and parachuting; arts center offering performances in dance, drama, music and jazz; four miles from downtown Brighton and its twin city of Hove


Host: IFSA-Butler Lancaster University (fall only)
Required GPA: 3.0
Housing: Residence halls
Course Sampling: Order and Disorder in Early Modern Britain; Creative Writing Workshop; Aquatic Biology; Spectroscopy and Inorganic Chemistry; Women, Crime and Justice; Mobile and Satellite Communications; Managerial Economics
Of Note: Independent research option; early start option for fall students to learn about British culture; on-campus shops, restaurants, banks, post office and student travel office


Host: IFSA-Butler University of York (fall only)
Required GPA: 3.0
Housing: On-campus
Course Sampling: Approaches in Literature; Introduction to the History of Art; Early Modern Philosophy; Democratic Tradition; Ecology; Scientific and Study Skills for Psychologists
Of Note: One of Britain’s top 10 universities; 200-acre park with lake; 20-minute walk from York’s city center




Host: CIEE
Required GPA: 3.0
Housing: On-campus flats or homestay
Course Sampling: History and Culture of Modern Ireland, Community Partnership: Theory and Engagement
Of Note: Study on a high-tech campus in Dublin with easy access to the center of town


Host: IFSA-Butler University of Limerick
Required GPA: 2.9
Housing: On-campus
Course Sampling: The Irish Literary Revival; Irish Traditional Music and Dance Studies; The Politics of Ethnic Conflict; Sociology of Media; Economics of European Integration; Conservation Ecology
Of Note: On the banks of the River Shannon; more than 70 clubs and societies; free access to the university gym


Northern Ireland


Host: IFSA-Butler University of Ulster (various campuses) 
Required GPA: 3.0
Housing: Different on each campus
Course Sampling: American Visions and Revisions; Animal and Plant Biology; Introduction to Construction Technology; Language and Communication; Global Trade and Finance; Modern and Contemporary Poetry; Dietary Assessment and Food Habits
Of Note: Four unique campuses offering a very wide range of topics.




Host: IFSA-Butler Stirling University
Required GPA: 3.0
Housing: Residence halls
Course Sampling: Introduction to Aquatic Environments; Management, Information, and Control; Social Differentiation; Challenges and Trends in Education; Language and Society; Society, Media, and Culture; Edinburgh in the Eighteenth Century
Of Note: National Tennis Centre; MacRoberts Art Centre; 310 acres of parkland and woods; on the shore of a loch by an 18th century castle



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