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Host: CIEE University of Botswana 
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: English and Setswana
Housing: Apartment-style residence halls
Course Sampling: Setswana Language; Politics and Southern African Poetry; Economics of Botswana and Southern Africa; From Slavery to Colonialism in West Africa; Politics of Poverty in Southern Africa; Animal Diversity
Of Note: Excursions to the Gaborone Game Reserve, National Museum, Kolobeng ruins, Jwaneng diamond mine and the Kalahari Desert




Host: IFSA-Butler Alexandria University
Required GPA: 3.0
Languages: English and Arabic
Housing: Homestay or off-campus apartments
Course Sampling: Intensive Arabic Language, Colloquial Egyptian; Islamic History and Culture
Of Note: No previous Arabic study required. Beautiful Mediterranean waterfront setting. Excursions to historic sites.


Equatorial Guinea


Host: Drexel University
Required GPA: 3.0
Languages: French or Spanish required
Housing: Students live in a group house while in Bioko; in tents during field research
Course Sampling: Field Research in Tropical Ecology; Natural Resource Economics; Society and Environment; Spanish Language and African Culture in Equatorial Guinea
Of Note: Excursions to turtle nesting beaches, black sand beaches, rainforests, Pico Basile and Lago Biao


The Gambia


Host: Susquehanna University in The Gambia
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: English and Wolof
Housing: Student houses
Course Sampling: All students take one course on the culture and society of The Gambia in addition to regular courses at The University of The Gambia: Political Science, African Literature, History, Economics
Of Note: This program offered through the Keystone Study Away Consortium. Students are accompanied by faculty from participating colleges. 




Host: CIEE University of Ghana (fall only)
Required GPA: 3.0
Languages: English and Twi
Housing: Homestay or university apartment
Course Sampling: Art History of Ghana; Critical Issues in African Literature; Africa and the Global Syndrome; Gender Studies; Ghana from Colonialism to Independence; International Conflict, Conflict Resolution and Human Rights; African Traditional Ethics
Of Note: Excursions to Dodi Island, Cape Coast, Aburi Botanical Gardens and Togo




Host: CIEE University Mohamed V, Souissi
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: English, French, and Arabic
Housing: Homestay
Course Sampling: French, Arabic, English, Religion, Politics, Gender studies
Of Note: Students can do an internship, excursions and cultural activities in and around Rabat



Host: CIEE Suffolk University Dakar Center
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: English, French, Wolof
Housing: Homestay
Course Sampling: Contemporary Senegalese Society and Culture; Wolof Language; History of Islam; Crisis Management and International Law in Africa; African Society through Contemporary Literature; Education and Culture in Senegal
Of Note: Peer language tutors; internship opportunities; excursions to Gorée Island, Toubab Dialaw, Saint Louis and the Sine-Saloum region


South Africa


Host: Arcadia University of the Western Cape
Required GPA: 3.0
Languages: English
Course Sampling: Public Health, Liberal Arts, Humanities, Education, Pre-Law, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry
Of Note: University of the Western Cape was founded as a "non-white" university under apartheid and played a central role in ending that system in the 1990s. Excursions to Bo-Kaap, the Malay Quarter, Table Mountain and the Victoria and Alfred waterfronts

Cape Town

Host: Arcadia Cape Town University
Required GPA: 3.0
Languages: English
Course Sampling: Business, Science, Engineering, Computer Engineering, Architecture, Economics, Marketing, Zoology, Finance and Game Theory, Human Resource Management, Chemistry, Music, Creative Writing
Of Note: More than 100 clubs; volunteer opportunities; excursions to beaches, mountains and forests


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