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Host: SU in Macau (spring only)
Required GPA: 2.5
Languages: English and Cantonese
Housing: On campus dormitory
Course Sampling: Business Administration, Education, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, History
Of Note: Excursions to Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, mainland China


Host: The Alliance for Global Education (fall only)
Required GPA: 3.0
Languages: English and Mandarin
Housing: Off-campus rental
Course Sampling: Chinese, Chinese Culture, Business Administration, Political Science, Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Taiji or other martial arts
Of Note: Lantern Festival, Yueju Opera Performances, Xintiandi and the Chinese Communist Party Museum




Host: CIEE
Required GPA: 3.0
Languages: English, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu
Housing: Guest houses, dorms, or homestays
Course Sampling: Hindi Language; Telugu Language; Urdu Language; Kuchipudi Dance; Contemporary Gay Indian Poetry; Democracy, Liberalism and Religion; Religion and Politics in Modern India; Social Change in Modern India
Of Note: Yoga classes; volunteering opportunities; possible excursions to Chennai, Pondicherry, Kanchipuram, Sravanabelagola and Southern India  




Host: Temple: Japan
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: English and Japanese
Housing: Residence hall or homestay
Course Sampling: Architecture and Urbanism in Japan; Drawing; Chinese and Japanese Literature in Cultural Context; Japanese Art; Fundamentals of Asian Business; Broadcast Performance; Japanese Language
Of Note: Internship opportunities; in close proximity to Shibuya and Roppongi

Host: Senshu University (fall only)
Required GPA: 3.0 preferred
Languages: English and Japanese (no prior Japanese required)
Housing: University dormitory
Approved Program Option: BCL (Business, Culture and Language Program)
Course Sampling: Survey of Japanese Culture & History, Survey of Japanese Business, Japanese
Of Note: 3 day homestay a part of the curriculum. Curriculum consists of the above three classes, visits to Japanese businesses, and fieldtrips and cultural activities. Exchange program.


South Korea


Host: CIEE
Required GPA: 3.0
Languages: English and Korean
Housing: International dormitory
Course Sampling: Korean Language; Chinese Characters; Comparative Study of Far Eastern Cinema Art; International Relations East Asia; Christianity in Korea; Korean Philosophy; The Korean War; Traditional Korean Society and Modernization
Of Note: International buddy program; Volunteer opportunities; University clubs; Excursions to Japan, Korea’s North/South border, national parks             




Host: CIEE
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: English and Mandarin Chinese
Housing: Dormitory with 3 Taiwanese roommates
Course Sampling: Chinese Language; Topics on Modern Taiwanese Culture and Society; Taiwanese Folk Religions and Customs; Public Policy in Taiwan; Politics in Taiwan; Modern Taiwanese Literature
Of Note: Internship opportunity; Volunteer opportunity; Excursions to temples, tea plantations and museums



Khon Kaen

Host: CIEE
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: English and Thai
Housing: Off-campus rental or homestay
Course Sampling: Thai Language; Food, the Farmer and the World Trade Organization; Development Theory in Historical Perspective; Buddhism as a Vehicle for Social Change; Environmentalism in Theory and Practice
Of Note: Focus on social change/issues; hands-on fieldwork; excursions to Maya, Bangkok and bazaars


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